• Acumen works with a selected group of makers to offer a unique portfolio of high performance polymers specific to the Automotive industry. We also go the extra mile by providing a comprehensive technical and commercial service to the industry on a local basis throughout Asia.

    Acumen’s business in the Automotive sector has been growing in the recent years with greater involvement with OEMs and their tiers.

      • Lamp Bezel
      • Audio bezel
      • Arm rest door
      • Gas outlet pipe components
      • Wiper parts
      • Air conditioning outlet component
      • Dashboard parts
      • Console component
      • Door handle
      • Front grills
      • Plugs and switches
      • Water tank
      • Ignition coil
      • Filter system
      • HVAC parts
      • Under bonnet applications
      • Mirror housing
      • Lamp bezel
      • Connectors
      • Bumpers
      • Engine mounting
      • Sensor switch
      • Shock absorbers
      • Window profile
      • Bracket handle holder
      • Sun Visor
      • Wipers, wiper clips
      • Tire tubing
      • Audio bezel

      • Arm rest door

      • Door handle

Building & Construction

  • Acumen can offer the building & construction industry high performance materials to meet market requirements. Plastics are increasingly being used to replace traditional materials such as glass and metal and they offer commercial and technical benefits while maintaining performance and can be easily modified to meet customer requirements.

    EPDM for flooring, PC for sheets, HDPE for pipes, TPE/TPV for seals, these are just some of the few applications to name.

      • EPDM flooring
      • Floor deck
      • Cable
      • Pipelines
      • PC sheets
      • EPDM flooring

      • Floor deck


  • The Consumer market is a broad segment with a wide variety of applications and requirements. Most customers are looking for good price to quality ratio.

    Acumen works with industry leaders to provide an extensive portfolio to offer the best solutions to the ever increasing demands of the consumer market.

      • Housewares
      • Skiing boots
      • Shoe soles
      • Office chairs
      • Pallets
      • Sports equipments
      • Furniture
      • Cooking Utensils


    • Acumen works in partnership with industry leaders to offer an outstanding portfolio of engineering materials which meets the stringent demands of the E&E market. Acumen also provides local technical support and is familiar with the requirements of E&E applications due to our extensive experience of working directly with E&E end-users.

      Acumen offers a wide range of high performance materials, from non-halogen V0 grades to glass filled colour compound.

        • Printer and Scanners
        • Electric Iron
        • Computer periphirals
        • Walkie Talkie
        • Ink Cartridge
        • Connectors / Switches / Caps
        • Sensors
        • Power tools
        • Vacuum cleaner
        • Transformers
        • Air-conidtion parts
        • Electric shavers
        • Optical disk drive
        • Printer and Scanners


    • Acumen works with global material suppliers and industry leaders to offer a dedicated range of materials that comply with the requirements and regulations set by the healthcare market.

      The suppliers we work with offer a broad portfolio of products for medical applications and is able to support long term formulation consistency, safety endorsement, risk classification and also provide legislative support.

        • Syringes
        • Airway hose
        • DNA test kit
        • Optics kit
        • Enclousure and housings


      • Acumen works together with leading manufacturers to offer a unique range of high performance products to meet the increasing demands of the packaging industry,

        We offer a wide range of polymers to suit all applications and processes.

          • Cosmetics
          • Bottles and containers
          • Food packaging
          • Flexible packaging films
          • IC trays / Semicon